Agustí Roqué (Barcelona 1942) began his artistic career in the early 70s and is considered one of the outstanding exponents of the great Catalan tradition of sculpture in iron. After living in London for more than ten years, his work has evolved along a dual axis in which dialogue with a certain current in recent British sculpture is informed by a strong urban consciousness.

In 2015 he took part in the 56th Venice Art Biennale with the sculptural installation Inside Inside in a National Pavilion (SPIAZZI, Arsenale - Campo San Martino, Castello 3865, from 9 May to 22 November 2015) and in the OPEN 18 International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Venezia Lido & Hilton Molino Stucky (September 3 to September 23, 2015). For his most recent projects he has worked with large sheets of steel, iron, aluminium and curved coloured glass.

Roqué, who has carried out major projects and works of public sculpture in Europe and the United States, is a sculptor with a distinctive conception of space as fundamentally transitable. A number of his public works have received prestigious awards, such as the 1989 FAD Urban Design Award for the sculptural group on Avda. Rio de Janeiro in Barcelona, 306 metres long and comprising 13 sculptural elements in concrete, shortlisted as one of the most important public works in Europe. His most recent public work, Door - Weiltor, in Corten steel, eight metres high, was inaugurated in September 2015 in the city of Hattingen, Germany.

His sculptures, characterised by experimentation and the use of a diverse range of materials, have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe, the USA and Japan, and his work is present in leading private collections, museums and foundations.

Throughout his career Roqué has pursued his own lines of research in a process of constant exploration, thanks to which he has been instrumental in taking contemporary sculpture into a new dimension. His trajectory as an artist is marked by a set of themes, processes and techniques that have consolidated a forceful and expressive body of work.

Over four decades of devotion to sculpture have deserved him a high level of international recognition and have developed a compositional method capable of generating new forms through which to look at the world around us and envisage a different configuration of reality.